Thursday, November 14, 2013

Penguin Pals

Okay all, as much as I am boycotting winter, the cold, the snow, the wind, the ice and the frost and the scraping windshields, etc, I am super excited about my newest center pack. I love penguin themed things and I printed and laminated these babies this week and are all ready to go once I am finished with my Turkey Talk Centers (found here).  If you missed my last post with the Turkey Talk CVC word building freebie, check it out here:)

So far, I have uploaded the Kinder Math and Literacy Pack....

The 1st Grade Math & Literacy Pack...

And a FREEBIE!!!!

Hope you get some more amazing freebies with Freebie Friday and Manic Monday!  I love finding good ones:)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Turkey Talk Centers & FREEBIE:)

I am so excited about my latest unit.  It has super cute clipart, great skills and are all common core aligned!!!
Check them out here.  I uploaded them in a variety of ways so hopefully everyone can find just what they are looking for:)  Stay tuned to the bottom of the page for a freebie:)

Kinder Math
Kinder Literacy
Kinder Math & Literacy
1st Grade Math
1st Grade CVC Literacy Centers

1st Grade Math & CVC Literacy Centers

Happy Planning!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Centers Complete... Yay!!!!!

Don't forget to follow me on Facebook... I am planning on doing several Flash Freebies in the next week so you DO NOT want to miss out:)  Plus there is a great Fans Only Freebie for you... An entire math unit, Western Themed!   

I took a few days last weekend and created some (what I think are FABULOUSLY cute) Halloween CVC Centers... Then tonight I created the math centers (K-1 Centers... most are beginning 1st grade centers that tie nicely in with Units 1, 2, and 3 of EveryDay Math)

Here is a sneak peek at the CVC units:

And the Math Units:

AND last but not least, the FREEBIE:) 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall is Officially Here :)

I love the beautiful fall colors, the family time enjoying the last few nice days outside, and the crisp air with the windows open:)  However, I DO NOT like the idea of knowing that the brutal winter is coming.... I am going to enjoy the time as it is here, especially these few days we have off for Minnesota Education Association days.... While off, I finished my fall units and have uploaded them to both my TPT store and TN notebook store... I created them a few different ways so that hopefully people can purchase exactly what they can use:)

1st Grade: 

I included one of the activities from the Kindergarten Literacy Centers as a Freebie and I hope you enjoy it.  I haven't linked up with Freebie Fridays or Manic Mondays in a while so I am excited to be back:)



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Facebook, Fall Apples & Freebie

1. Facebook:  well, I finally took the plunge and added to my networking duties and created a page on Facebook for products, updates, etc:)  It is HERE that I will be hosting flash freebies so if you want in on the quick freebies, this is the place to be:) There is a tab of freebies if you haven't grabbed all of my freebies yet as well as a FANS ONLY FREEBIE tab which is an entire center pack that will be worth your while.  All you have to do is LIKE my page and you will have access.  If you read below under the Fall Apples Heading, you will see I am doing a giveaway.  You just need to like the page and write a comment under the Apples Posting and I will pick 2 winners to receive one of the packs on Tuesday evening:) 

2. Fall Apples: I have uploaded 2 new centers and they seem to be a big hit so far:)  They are both apple themed and very similar in graphics but differentiated skills. There is one that is appropriate for Kinders and one for 1st graders, both with many math and literacy activities.  Check them out and you are sure to find a few things you can use:) Again, I will pick two winners to receive one of the packs from my facebook page.  All you need to do is Like my Page and comment under the Apples posting (it should be near the page as I am posting in a few seconds:) )  

3. Freebie: I have started co-teaching in a 1st grade classroom for a little of mine that is my only 1st grader that needs math services. So rather than me having him 1:1 for 45 minutes when I have him 1:3 for 75 minutes later in the day, we decided it would be more practical for him to be in the classroom and I would assist.  Currently he is capable of doing many of the classroom tasks and we were using the mainstream curriculum in my room to keep pace anyways. He is also a kid that NEEDS socialization and learning how to work as a team and not always getting what he wants. So it has been a GREAT fit.  When I sit at the back table with my friend, a few kiddos also head back and we have been able to boost a few skills that needed extra attention. The class just took their first math assessment and I compiled a list of kiddos by need within the classroom that still need some practice on the Unit 1 skills such as counting by 2's and 5's, making tally marks and finding the number before and after. I then pulled together a few of my resources but was missing one on higher number tallies so I created this apple activity for that room and wanted to share it!  If you like it, you will LOVE the centers above!!  

 Happy Weekend to all and don't forget to link up and grab freebies from TBA and CF:) 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Feeling Blessed

Hi all~
I am sure many of you are in the same boat as I am as there never seems to be enough in your teacher budget to get the things you truly want for your classroom... I think I mentioned a bit about this in one of my latest posts, but I had to share again:) I have needed some things, as well as wanted some ink to print all of the centers I have been making at home because our school has gotten more limited on colored ink printing.  I submitted a Donor's Choose Project and it was funded within the first 6 days. I also hears about Reddit Gifts, a gift exchange/secret santa program that had a Teachers 2013 event. My secret donor sent me an email asking me if there was anything else that I needed for my room besides the ink so I put a short wishlist together and got almost everything.  I was amazed. Now I have more materials to print, laminate, and store in ziploc bags and the centers look GREAT and can be used year after year:) 

For my freebie this week, I decided to include an activity that my kiddos LOVE from one of my center themes I did last spring.  My SPACE unit.... My kiddos loved this unit, especially the boys that finally felt like the activities were more for them!!

Click on the picture below for the SEARCH FIND SPACE activity (x2).  There is a CVC and a CVCe picture with a recording sheet for both!!!

This freebie comes from the larger SPACE Math & Literacy Unit.  Check it out!!

Don't forget to grab more freebies at Freebie Friday and Manic Monday!!! Also, check out September Frenzy on Facebook for some AMAZING Freebies coming soon:)  Check me out on Facebook and like my page... I am going to get a FANS ONLY freebie up very soon and it will be worth your while:) 


Friday, September 6, 2013


Well, I have had an incredible first week back with students!  Although I have not started academic pull out groups, I have been one of the leaders of our PBIS CARES stations so I have gotten to do a mini lesson with every single class in our school.  Oh how I have missed the smiling faces of my kiddos!!!

A few weeks ago, I posted a project on Donor's Choose in order to get some ink cartridges so I can print the center packs I create at home to use at school (our school has been monitoring color printing much more closely so I felt the need to do it on my own).  However it got to be expensive so I listed the project and it was fulfilled in 6 days!  Isnt that amazing!!! And I already received my ink cartridges:)  I am sooo excited to start printing so that I can laminate and have ready to use this year:)  One of my favorite units is my Brown Bear Brown Bear Unit so I am going to do 2 things.... First of all, FLASH FREEBIE:  I am offering a flash freebie of the Brown Bear Literacy Unit on Tuesday from 8pm-9pm central time.  DO NOT forget to check TPT at that time to download the entire unit for free:)  I am so close to 200 followers that hopefully a few of you will follow as well!!!  I am uploading new activity packs quite regularily.  Click on the picture below to see what will be the flash freebie on Tuesday...

Secondly, I am offering one of the activities as my freebie for Freebie Friday and Manic Monday.  Click on the picture right below to get that.

Have a great rest of your week and don't forget to check out all of the wonderful freebies on Freebie Friday and Manic Monday!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

finally into classroom and freebie

Wowzas... As exciting as it is to get a brand new school, it is stressful for teachers as we were not allowed into our rooms until two weeks before workshops for limited hours a few days each week to unpack all of our boxes (some teachers had almost 100, I had about 50) and set up our new classroom.  I felt at ease as my room is much smaller and I have less to unpack:)  Here is a pic of my teaching area in my new room... I am pretty excited to be out of the "closet" I was in!! Well, okay it wasn't really a closet and it was bout 20x14 but it was old and not temperature controlled. This winter was horrible with the heat exchange it was barely 50 degrees a few mornings when we got to work and took a few hours to warm up to a brisk 64... My kiddos would wear their coats and we would huddle together and move a lot to stay warm.  Probably my favorite part of my new room is individual temp control in each room... I am soooooo excited to not freeze:)
Also, I have created a project on Donor's Choose to get some ink cartridges to print some of the centers I have been creating.  It went live today:)  I am pretty excited about it since our school is monitoring color printing so closely... Hopefully it will be successful.  For the first 7 days that it is live, the company will match any donations up to $100:)

So, as back to school time, I am going to offer up one entire center for my weekly freebie in the back to school theme for the Freebie Friday and Manic Monday linkup:)