Friday, August 23, 2013

finally into classroom and freebie

Wowzas... As exciting as it is to get a brand new school, it is stressful for teachers as we were not allowed into our rooms until two weeks before workshops for limited hours a few days each week to unpack all of our boxes (some teachers had almost 100, I had about 50) and set up our new classroom.  I felt at ease as my room is much smaller and I have less to unpack:)  Here is a pic of my teaching area in my new room... I am pretty excited to be out of the "closet" I was in!! Well, okay it wasn't really a closet and it was bout 20x14 but it was old and not temperature controlled. This winter was horrible with the heat exchange it was barely 50 degrees a few mornings when we got to work and took a few hours to warm up to a brisk 64... My kiddos would wear their coats and we would huddle together and move a lot to stay warm.  Probably my favorite part of my new room is individual temp control in each room... I am soooooo excited to not freeze:)
Also, I have created a project on Donor's Choose to get some ink cartridges to print some of the centers I have been creating.  It went live today:)  I am pretty excited about it since our school is monitoring color printing so closely... Hopefully it will be successful.  For the first 7 days that it is live, the company will match any donations up to $100:)

So, as back to school time, I am going to offer up one entire center for my weekly freebie in the back to school theme for the Freebie Friday and Manic Monday linkup:)