Thursday, August 1, 2013

Way Cool Shout Out & August SALE!!!

Wow, I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone. I say that EVERY single year but it never changes. Maybe because the littles are bigger this year so we can enjoy so much more and have stayed busy... Maybe because they know what it means for me to go back to work and it makes them sad as they have become very attached again... Maybe because we are headed into a new building and haven't been allowed in our new classrooms until 2 weeks from now... I am not sure but it sure flew by! To make the beginning of August a bit easier, I am having a sale on ALL of my bulk centers on TPT from Friday-Monday... 20% off every math or literacy center:)   Check it out here!!!
Teach Junkie
A Shout Out to Leslie over at Teach Junkie for putting together so many freebies.  Users can upload their freebies and they stay in a 'file cabinet' but she also puts them in different places that make it very user friendly.  Anyways, I was looking through last week's Freebie Friday post and Leslie had linked up with a new collection, 65 Printable Math Games.

This goodie was one of the 65 Amazing games printed.  Click on it to go to the Teach Junkie Page for LOTS and LOTS of FREEBIES:)  I couldn't believe that 6 out of the 12 pictures posted on the first page were mine... Yes, 6 of them:)  Yay!!!

I did quite a bit of creating this summer but have taken a few weeks break. I am thinking about my next unit and am not totally sure what I want it to be:)  Suggestions??? I am thinking fairy tale, legos (something for the boys:) or that with Seuss clipart or maybe Mario/Luigi clipart???  Any ideas or ones that you think would be more fun???

In the mean time, I have a FREEBIE for ya'll.  I have done freebies a variety of ways... sometimes just a direct link to a freebie on TPT, sometimes a freebie within a preview that is just a recording sheet at the end of a center that can be used solo, and sometimes a freebie center within a preview. This week I wanted to make sure it was an entire center, so I am including a freebie within a preview for you all to grab. It is called
One Cool Cat CVC Spin. 
Spin each spinner 1 time

Put the beginning and ending together and read word

Record the word you read on the Real or Silly Recording sheet. 

Click on the picture below to go to the Cool Cat Math & Literacy product on TPT. If you download the PREVIEW, this freebie is in there:)  

Want some great back to school freebies??? don't forget to check out Freebie Fridays, Manic Monday and Freebies on the First:) 



  1. Thank you for sharing this. I don't teach reading, but will pass along to my students (preservice teachers). Thanks too for sharing the link to Teach Junkie. I haven't seen it and am looking forward to checking it out.

    Bookish Ways in Math and Science

  2. Thanks for the kind words:) Teach Junkie has so many freebies and great ideas and she takes them and organizes them so nicely:) I have a ton of freebies on my TPT site that I am sure many of your teachers could use:)