Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is HERE... Well not so much!!!

pssssttt... Scroll to the bottom for a chance to win the literacy center:)

Wowzas!  Last year at this time in our MN area we were sporting shorts and flip flops with 75-80 degree weather.  And today it was negative on my drive into work.  So not fair!!!  I am ready for this loooonnnnggg winter to make its way gone until LATE next year!!!  I had fun creating the Spring Centers though...It reminded me that it does make it's appearance every year (just not soon enough this year:) )

I have uploaded each center individually and as  a Literacy Unit, as a Math unit and as an entire Center.  Let me tell you, if you love a good bargain, then buying the entire unit is right up your alley.
*Each center is selling for $1.00-$1.50  OR
*Entire math unit of 7 centers is $4.00  OR
*Entire literacy unit of 13 centers is $6.00 OR
THE ENTIRE SPRING UNIT of 22 different activities is only $9.00. That is basically like buying one, getting 13 free... Even better than buy one get one:)

Here is a peek at the literacy centers: You can click on the picture to take you directly to that product on my TPT store.  I will be uploading my Math centers pictures onto the blog next week, but feel free to check them out when you are visiting. They are already uploaded there:)

Or the entire Math & Literacy Unit:

Okay enough advertising:)  On with your freebie as part of Freebie Friday and Manic Monday:) I am super excited about using it!!!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

And, for a chance to win the entire Literacy Center....
1. follow my blog if you are not already
2. follow my TPT store if you are not already
3. Comment on the blog what number follower you are when you start following or that you have been a follower for awhile AND YOUR EMAIL!!!
4. Wait for me to announce the winner on Tuesday evening (I will randomly select from all of the commenters)

Good luck!!! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Easter Freebie

Hello Friends~
Hope everyone has had a great week!  It has been a good week for us. We are ending 3rd quarter today and have been doing a ton of assessments, and it is my favorite time to see all of the gains the kiddos are making.  I have several 1st and 2nd graders that were reading significantly behind grade level at the beginning of the year that are now reading close or on grade level. Yes, they will continue to need the intense interventions that small group provides but to know that they are making gains is such an incredible feeling! 

I have also been busy busy busy creating. I finished my Easter unit a couple of weeks ago and have posted it on TPT.  I also just finished a Space themed unit which is also posted.  This week and next week, my freebies will be Easter related :)  If you like the freebies, be sure to check out the centers.  They are a GREAT deal!  There are 23 centers total, all for $8.50 (a $23 value if you buy them individually)!  There are 13 literacy centers that you can buy as a pack for $5.00 or 10 math centers for $5.00. OR you can buy individual centers for $1.00 each if you only want a few:) 

I am also linking up for an Easter Linky Party.  I LOVE these and find so many GREAT freebies.  Hop on over to see what else you can pick up:)

For the Freebie for Freebie Friday and Manic Monday, I have posted an Easter Rhyming Center on my TPT store!  Please check it out! 

Also, for the first 3 people to comment on what they are doing for Spring Break, follow my blog if you are not already, and follow my TPT store, I will send any 2 of the Easter centers to you!  Just include your email and which 2 you would like! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

SPD Counting By Freebie:)

Hi all~

We have had so much fun this past week starting some of our St. Patrick's Day Units.  They have enjoyed so many of them... We just did this one today and they enjoyed the review of counting by 10's, are still working on counting by 5's and 2's were a bit tricky, but it was great to do it all in one session to really know right where they are at (Remember, my kiddos are Kindergarteners whom receive direct pull out services to boost the Kinder Skills because of qualifying for special education services in Preschool because of Developmental Delays)...  Hope you enjoy it as well:)

I have found myself getting addicted to Freebie Fridays and Manic Mondays.  There are sooooo many amazing freebies!  I have told myself that if I miss a week, it is okay ( I am needing to balance my time a bit more efficiently), but I find myself drawn to go back and gather all of them:)  Anyone else out there feeling the same???

I also just found the State Blogging Linky Party to link up with other bloggers from your state:)  Super cool. Click on the picture below to go to the blog by Fifth in the Middle to link up:)  Can't wait to see more MN peeps!

As always, I linked up with TeachingBlogAddict and Classroom Freebies Manic Monday for some great freebies!  Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!  We are celebrating my oldest's bday with a trip to MOA to Nickelodeon Universe with him and a buddy, his friend's bday party, his bday party and a bday party for our Goddaughter. Busy weekend, but LOVE the time with family! 

Friday, March 1, 2013


Happy Friday!!! And, it's March already.  The time seems to be flying by!  My kiddos have LOVED the St. Patrick's Day Units... Their favorites have been the Spin and Read, the CVC 2 player game, and the 10 more 10 less. You can check those and all of the others out at my TPT store, which will ALL be on sale (20% off ) this weekend through Monday night! 

 I have made these two items FREE for you:)  I really hope you can use them!!! 

I have also just uploaded my Easter Units, so check those out as well... I again split them up into individual centers ($1.00 each) ,a math unit of 10 centers ($5.00), a Literacy Unit of 12 centers ($5.00) and the entire Unit of 22 centers  ($8.50).  I simply cannot wait to print them out and use them :) 

Thanks to Freebie Friday, Manic Monday and Freebies on the First for having so many Freebies for us all to check out and use. 

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Have a fabulous weekend!