Friday, February 22, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Freebies :)

Hi all~

I finished my St. Patrick's Day Unit a few weeks ago and have put the finishing touches on it:)  I have uploaded it to my TPT store. Click on the pic below if you want to see a preview via TPT. I tried something different this time... I uploaded each individual center for $1.00, put all the math centers together (10 of them), and all of the literacy centers together (12 of them) each for $4.00!  What a savings!  I also put the two together (22 centers all together) for $7.00. So if you are buy a few, it is TOTALLY worth it for you to purchase one of the centers:)  Here is a sneak peek at the entire unit...

Reading skills in Literacy Center: 
CVC Walk the Room, Letter Match, Beginning Sounds, Beginning Blends, Word Families, CVC Game, CVC Puzzles, Sight Word Seek, Sight Word Sentence Scramblers, Spin & Read Digraphs, Spin & Read Sight Words, Sight Word Match
Click here to preview.

Math Center:
Missing Numbers, Graph, Tally, Place Value, Roll & Cover, 100s Chart Game, Telling Time, Counting by 2 5 10, 10 more 10 less, Making 10's Frames
Click here to preview.

SO, I wanted to share one of the centers with someone that enjoys visiting my blog... So, anyone who does 3 simple things will be entered to win the ENTIRE math or ENTIRE literacy unit. I will roll the dice late Monday night to pick the winner!  Good luck:)
1. Follow my blog if you are not already
2. Follow my TPT store
3. Comment below with your email and whether you would like the reading or math unit.

I was also featured on FREEBIE FRIDAY and Manic Monday starting on Monday, so here is my FREEBIE. I am including:)

My kiddos LOVE doing these and they are such a nice way to work on number recognition on dice, in written form and addition. Have a GREAT weekend, and I cannot wait to see who wins.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Freebie Friday & Manic Monday:)

Hi all~
I have been working on a St. Patrick's Day unit and will upload in a week or so when I am totally done. I am planning on uploading it a variety of ways so it works for more people.
1. Individual Centers $1 each
2. The entire unit (22 centers ) $7.00
3. Math unit (10 centers) $4.00
4. Literacy Unit (12 centers) $4.00

However, until then, I have uploaded several freebies to my TPT store in time for Freebie Friday and Manic Monday. Check these 2 out for sure:)  

2nd Grade: Fraction Practice Winter Theme... We are working in the EveryDay Math curriculum and hitting this hard and it is still tricky for my kiddos (LD kiddos)... There are 4 of these sheets in the packet. Click on th epicture to get it from TPT :) 

Kindergarten/1st Grade: Number Word Practice: St. Patrick's Day Theme... Roll a Dice and find that number. Differentiated with 2 different sheets. One has the numbers and words in the same picture, and the other is the one below that has the numbers and words on separate pictures. Click on the picture to get it from TPT :)

Hope you can use 1 of them for your kiddos. I am often creating things at multi-levels because I work with K-2nd graders, as many of you work with one grade, however sometimes the different levels work out perfect for differentiating among your classroom:)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Freebie Friday, Manic Monday, & Ready for Spring

Ready For Spring!!!

Holy Cats!  It has been a rough fall/winter in our house!  I have used up 7 1/2 sick days already this year for my kiddos and none for me (several days I could have used one and probably should have taken one, but I needed to save them).  We have had influenza with both kiddos (ages 5 and 2).  Let me tell you how incredibly fun horrible that was!!! No 2 year old or 5 year old should ever have that:(  We have had not 1 but 2 bouts with strep and just this week I got a call from daycare that Mya (my 2 year old) had fallen and hurt her arm and would not stop crying. My husband left work (he typically works in the cities, but has been working on wiring a brand new school, not any school, but our BRAND NEW school here in Annandale. It has been amazing having him so close but he has gotten used to be on call for kiddos like I normally am). He went to take a peek and decided we needed to take her in for xrays. She had 2 sets done and neither showed a fracture and doctor didn't think it was nurse maid's elbow because when he tried to adjust it back it didn't pop like it should have. We were told to come back in or go to the ER if she was still in pain and refusing to use it in a few hours. So we did and another set of xrays showed no fractures but we were told often small fractures don't show up for a few days. Thankfully our amazing doc did put it in splint and sling. It was an instant change in her.  She was then smiling and not crying and even walking on her own when she had insisted on being carried since it happened. You can see the picture below of her all smiles after we got her some icecream:)  She truly is such a spunky and fun child.
So, now we wait and see. She did attempt to use it last night but it took her about 25 seconds to take a small My Little Pony and put it on the shelf of the bath as she was taking a bath (we thought putting her in the bath-without the splint-Dr. Okayed- would give us a better idea if she was not using it because she thought it would hurt and would maybe forget that in the bath and try to use it or if it was natural and she couldn't use it or it hurt too much... she did use it but only that once and woke up crying this morning again that it hurt. Apparently she has had a good day at daycare thus far, so we will see how she is feeling when she gets home and if we need to bring her back tomorrow or Monday... I was SOOOO not ready for this part of being a mom.  Can I please just skip over these accidents (we have had 2 trips to the ER for my son as well so we know all too well how fun they are). 

On a different note, I am really beginning to sell some things on my TPT store!  It has been super exciting and rewarding to see happen!  It has become quite the time consuming hobby but I do truly enjoy creating the things!  I am also featured again this week on TBA Freebie Friday and with Classrom Freebies Manic Monday so check them out for a ton of great freebies!  Here is my Freebie for this week... It is a fun Valentine's Activity that should be great for in your classroom!  Telling time is typically an easier skill when to the hour and half hour, so hopefully this will work as an independent center for you all! 
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

ALSO... The first 4 people to comment on this post with their email and a good idea on how to keep busy with their kiddos at home when the weather is crummy can pick any $1 item from my TPT store for free and I will email it to you:)

Also, I am part of an AMAZING 100 follower giveaway with some GREAT prizes.  Click out on the above picture (100 follower Giveaway) to sign up.  It is SUPER easy to get an entry!  Totally worth it:)

Hope the upcoming weeks slow down for us and for you as well!  It is coming up to an exciting time of year when hopefully we are past the sub zero temps and can start looking forward to venturing outside again! 
Until next time,

Danielle :)

Friday, February 1, 2013



1. SALE ALERT... SALE ALERT... SALE ALERT. My entire store will be on sale Sunday and Monday for Super Sunday over Superbowl weekend for 20% off and if you enter the PROMO CODE: SUPER, you will receive and additional 10% off, giving you a total of 28% off your entire purchase!  That's a Super Savings!!! See you there....

2. NEW CENTER: Wowzas... I would say that I have become addicted highly committed to creating center activities for my Kinders and 1st graders.  I am not typically a creative person so I am feeling great about finally being able to create something myself that actually looks pretty cute :)
My kiddos LOVE superheros and so why not create fun activities for them to do!  I have added a full Math and Literacy Center on my TPT store.
3. Giveaway: Also, for the first 5 people to comment below AND follow on TeachersPayTeachers, I will send any of of the following centers for FREE :) Just leave your email and choice below on a comment after following our blog and TPT store.  Yay for Freebies!!!


4. FREEBIE: Hope you enjoy this 100's chart game for 2. Students start on #1, roll a dice and move that many spaces. If they land on any of the designated clipart images, they either have to add 1 or add 10 depending on the picture. My kiddos love this one:)

5. Linky Party: ALSO, I am joining up with KeepingItKoolInKinderland for a GREAT SuperBowl Sunday Linky Party to celebrate all of us having a great SuperBowl Sunday Sale:)  Click on the Linky Below to see so many other AMAZING bloggers having a sale:)  

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

I also linked up with Freebielicious for their Freebies on the First Linky Party. Check it out for a ton of great freebies:)

I was featured on Freebie Friday with Teaching Blog Addict.  Check it out for a TON of freebies:)