Thursday, September 19, 2013

Facebook, Fall Apples & Freebie

1. Facebook:  well, I finally took the plunge and added to my networking duties and created a page on Facebook for products, updates, etc:)  It is HERE that I will be hosting flash freebies so if you want in on the quick freebies, this is the place to be:) There is a tab of freebies if you haven't grabbed all of my freebies yet as well as a FANS ONLY FREEBIE tab which is an entire center pack that will be worth your while.  All you have to do is LIKE my page and you will have access.  If you read below under the Fall Apples Heading, you will see I am doing a giveaway.  You just need to like the page and write a comment under the Apples Posting and I will pick 2 winners to receive one of the packs on Tuesday evening:) 

2. Fall Apples: I have uploaded 2 new centers and they seem to be a big hit so far:)  They are both apple themed and very similar in graphics but differentiated skills. There is one that is appropriate for Kinders and one for 1st graders, both with many math and literacy activities.  Check them out and you are sure to find a few things you can use:) Again, I will pick two winners to receive one of the packs from my facebook page.  All you need to do is Like my Page and comment under the Apples posting (it should be near the page as I am posting in a few seconds:) )  

3. Freebie: I have started co-teaching in a 1st grade classroom for a little of mine that is my only 1st grader that needs math services. So rather than me having him 1:1 for 45 minutes when I have him 1:3 for 75 minutes later in the day, we decided it would be more practical for him to be in the classroom and I would assist.  Currently he is capable of doing many of the classroom tasks and we were using the mainstream curriculum in my room to keep pace anyways. He is also a kid that NEEDS socialization and learning how to work as a team and not always getting what he wants. So it has been a GREAT fit.  When I sit at the back table with my friend, a few kiddos also head back and we have been able to boost a few skills that needed extra attention. The class just took their first math assessment and I compiled a list of kiddos by need within the classroom that still need some practice on the Unit 1 skills such as counting by 2's and 5's, making tally marks and finding the number before and after. I then pulled together a few of my resources but was missing one on higher number tallies so I created this apple activity for that room and wanted to share it!  If you like it, you will LOVE the centers above!!  

 Happy Weekend to all and don't forget to link up and grab freebies from TBA and CF:) 


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