Thursday, September 12, 2013

Feeling Blessed

Hi all~
I am sure many of you are in the same boat as I am as there never seems to be enough in your teacher budget to get the things you truly want for your classroom... I think I mentioned a bit about this in one of my latest posts, but I had to share again:) I have needed some things, as well as wanted some ink to print all of the centers I have been making at home because our school has gotten more limited on colored ink printing.  I submitted a Donor's Choose Project and it was funded within the first 6 days. I also hears about Reddit Gifts, a gift exchange/secret santa program that had a Teachers 2013 event. My secret donor sent me an email asking me if there was anything else that I needed for my room besides the ink so I put a short wishlist together and got almost everything.  I was amazed. Now I have more materials to print, laminate, and store in ziploc bags and the centers look GREAT and can be used year after year:) 

For my freebie this week, I decided to include an activity that my kiddos LOVE from one of my center themes I did last spring.  My SPACE unit.... My kiddos loved this unit, especially the boys that finally felt like the activities were more for them!!

Click on the picture below for the SEARCH FIND SPACE activity (x2).  There is a CVC and a CVCe picture with a recording sheet for both!!!

This freebie comes from the larger SPACE Math & Literacy Unit.  Check it out!!

Don't forget to grab more freebies at Freebie Friday and Manic Monday!!! Also, check out September Frenzy on Facebook for some AMAZING Freebies coming soon:)  Check me out on Facebook and like my page... I am going to get a FANS ONLY freebie up very soon and it will be worth your while:) 


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